Situated on Marston Lane, Bedworth the entrance to the site is tucked between two houses – Numbers 236 and 238 Marston Lane.


Marston Lane Community Allotment Association (MLCAA) was formed as part of the Dig for Victory campaign and is one of four statutory sites in the borough.

Dig for Victory was a campaign launched by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1940 to help combat food shortages in Britain by promoting the planting of allotments in gardens and on public land.

Dig for Victory was very successful. From 815,000 allotments in 1939 the number rose to 1,400,000 by 1943.

Whilst Dig for Victory was a response to a wartime problem of food shortages many of
its outcomes reflect things we are concerned about today:-

  • having access to fresh, healthy food
  • being active
  • living sustainably


At Marston Lane Allotments you will find…

The Shop – There is a shop on site selling all sorts of horticultural goods from compost to 8′ canes and green netting.

Wildlife Area – A wildlife area exists and a number of trees have been planted to encourage all forms of birds, animals and other wildlife. Areas have also been devoted to wild flowers to encourage bees and other insects.

Raised beds – In 2014 a series of raised beds was developed to encourage the children/ grandchildren of site members to get involved by growing their own.

Social Life – The site has a thriving social life with barbecues and a bonfire and party to celebrate bonfire night.

Rents for 2016

  • £23.00 / year for a full plot
  • £19.00 / year for a half plot

Number of plots

  • Full plots: 20
  • Half plots: 34

(N.b. New members are only offered half plots.)

Contact Details

Robert Maggs – Secretary
Phone: 07976 848698
Email :